A Casting Company is Born

Since 1981, Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson of The Casting Company have cast over 100 feature films, including the Academy Award winning "A Beautiful Mind" "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" "Something's Gotta Give" " Airforce One" "Jurassic Park" "The American President" "Apollo 13" " The Lost World" "A Few Good Men" "Backdraft" "Misery" "Ghost" "When Harry Met Sally" "Mystic Pizza" "Beetlejuice" "Stand By Me" "Home Alone" "The Outsiders" and more recently "Transformers" "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code."

Jane and Janet are charter members of the Casting Society of America, as well as members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Television Academy. In 1999 they were awarded the first "Casting Director of the Year" award by the Hollywood Film Festival and they have been the recipients of Artios Awards for the casting of "Parenthood", "Harry Potter" and "Home Alone." They have also recieved "The Hoyt Bowers Award" for Outstanding Achievement in Casting.

Jane began her career in entertainment as an actress in New York City. She entered the casting profession while working in film production. Her first project was "On The Nickel" an independent film written, produced and starring her friend Ralph Waite. She soon began working with other casting directors, including Jennifer Shull, who would later connect her with Janet Hirshenson.

Janet Hirshenson was introduced to casting while working as a temporary secretary for the casting office of Ray Stark's, Rastar Productions. It was there that Jenkins joined Janet and Jennifer. When Shull moved to head the casting department at Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Studios in Hollywood, she brought both Janet and Jane with her.

With the closing of Zoetrope Hollywood Jane and Janet joined forces and formed The Casting Company. Today, they are established as two of the premier casting directors in the entertainment industry.



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